Face Vitamin C Cream Skin Perfector

Face Vitamin C Cream Skin Perfector

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An ultimate anti-aging care to firm, lift, smooth skin and provide profound hydration
Activates natural skin immune system
Brightens complexion
Boosts tonus
Reduces formation of pigment spots
Oxygenates and fights free radicals and sun damage
Particularly recommended for mature skin or dull skin
Its subtle citrus fragrance and rich texture enhance the pleasure of application. We also recommend this cream during periods of convalescence, after pregnancy or significant psychological stress.
No parabens, synthetic odorants or colorants
An airless pump will deliver an exact amount without wasting this beauty care
Precautions: contains natural acids. Apply sun protection if exposed to the sun. Do not apply if sensitive to vitamin C.

Tip: Can be applied under eye area for a damaged and mature skin.

Active Ingredients:

Campanula alpina, Vitamin C, Swiss Glacier Water.
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