If u will make some enemies...

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If u will make some enemies...

Messaggioda Standingflame » 14/11/2016, 0:47

...Try to change something...like say one of my favorite character,..im talking about Adam Jensen in deus ex saga, well sometimes i just want to have some relax and be sourranded by friends but one outher sides of me definetly know how true is what Jensen say.
Talking about me i have been Always hard times when i tryed to do something that can "change" the things around...
It seems that for people is too easy acept the evil things everyone do ,that the good things that someone wanna do...why? I just dont know :mmm2:
But im sure of one things..no one,never can stop who i am, and.. i wanna try some different way? thats right,but dont worry kids i never loose the focus of my true objective!
So hold on...im still here!
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