Living this Christmas peacefully

Welcome my friends!

Living this Christmas peacefully

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My friends,

I know that for many of you, the advent of Christmas is just like being on a beach and be swept away by a tidal wave dark and violent that brings with it only darkness , fears, bad memories , new torments and solitude !
My hope , opening this topic , is to prevent the worst, reminding you that you are not alone ! None of you it is !
Do not underestimate the virtual world . Because this world is the only one who manages to get into your homes when you are physically alone , or when you're in the middle of discussions or difficulties.
The affection , the heart , the warmth, humanity does not know our doors, know no bounds .
If it is the affection of your loved ones that you are missing , you think that nothing prevents you from making it with others!
If you feel you have instead of misunderstanding with someone , try to clarify them in a less litigious .
Remember that those around you , do not ever hate you . And that they are able to love you in theirs own way , and right in their own way, they're be able to prove it.
Try to remove you from the bitterness toward others and toward yourself. Try to think about how to make a Christmas gift to you! Do yourself a gift! Think of something that you want, or that you wanted times ago. Try to say something that so far you have not managed to say. Try to open the door yourself . Does it seem right to hurt and inflict punishment ?
For anyone who is self-defeating to try to ask you to cut , or to impress other punishment to his body, because it is his soul that hits !
Finally, I suggest everyone to get a to him. Try to promise you that somehow you will take care of you. Swear to your self that you can have the courage to be stronger and more confident in yourself and in others. Think about it , think , and promise you something important. Stand in front of the mirror if you want. And with one hand on the heart remember all past and present situations which you have suffered or continue to suffer , look you in your eyes and say out loud that you promise that these situations will end up ! That we put all to pull you out of trouble and just find a reason to brighten your day , even just to blink a smile.
All of you have something inside that makes you special . But , either because the circumstances in which you find yourself , either by the people with whom you are dealing with, those are forgotten ! The fact is that it is not fancy , nor a hypothesis, that there is something special about each one of you !

This has to be your Christmas . Do not let it ruin by anyone!
And if a loved one , such as a parent, dares to come to you and yell at you, or pick a fight , or threaten you , remember at that precisely time is not acting as a parent, it is not at all realize that you 're hurting , even if he tells it ! So , between deeds and words spoken against you, and the words spoken by those who know you less time, but at that juncture was able to appreciate you , to love you, to feel affection and esteem for you, do not be too strict. Do not be suspicious . Pay attention to that comfort words, words that will encourage and appreciate you , rather than to those that do not speak of anything and just want to hurt and hit sharply.
Spending time to insult or hurt , can you understand that is a big waste of time? !
Give yourself the opportunity to do you something good ! Do not look at others. Who is worse or who is better than you there must not be of interest , there is life-changing ! Take your time to you and the people with whom you want to be .

Finally I wanted to tell you that this year we all had the opportunity to meet new people in addition to friends last year , and so it will be a real pleasure to spend Christmas with new souls that even from afar , made ​​us laugh , or cry , or angry, but above all, they had the better of loneliness.
Think also of the fact that virtually , as well as in the heart , we will be neighbors this Christmas and that, more or less , we will all have something to celebrate : the happiness of being together ! Who loves us to have by far! Who wishes us "Merry Christmas" not because it is forced by circumstance or by the label, but because he felt inside (which is the thing that is worth more ) .
It will be the best gift of all old .... but is it not true that the best gift is to feel close to people who loves you ? !

A nice Christmas present that we could reciprocate here , among us, would be to send the sincere words which , although they are heard, and in other circumstances we would be there to say it. And there's no better place to do it, that the space dedicated to dedications.

So, in summary : we use this space to talk and debate with each other on the theme of Christmas in order to live this moment as serenely as possible and to ward off loneliness in the best way .

Thank you all, and sorry for the bad english, but I've just used Google translator to send this important message :tao:
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